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Unlike a traditional printer with a one-dimensional focus on filling their print & mail production equipment, AIS focuses on a more macro view that encompasses the Management and Delivery of Information / Communications.  As Communication Architects, we focus on how we can best streamline processes and significantly reduce costs for our clients, often times helping them to transition away from the higher cost of traditional print & mail and postage to much more efficient methods of eDelivery of communications – addressing a “Total Communication Strategy”. The best part for our client is that there is very little they have to do or investments they have to make (in time, capital, resource) to take advantage of the proven results we can deliver.

Print & Mail

Utilizing the latest in black and high-speed digital color printers coupled with the best in intelligent inserting and bindery equipment, AIS can provide direct mail services that meet your exact needs. As experts in providing comprehensive communication solutions, we have assisted many organizations in centralizing production of their communications through our automated mail consolidation program - streamlining processes and significantly reducing costs regardless of the software systems / platforms that reside.

Whether it is simple addressing and mailing of preprinted direct mail or complete data driven content creation with full color, on-the-fly, personalized production, we have both the knowledge and tools to meet and exceed your requirements. With SOC II (SSAE16), FISMA, and HIPPA compliance in conjunction with the best in technologies, you can be assured your "Business Critical" client communications such as Confirmations, Invoices, Statements, Dunning Notices, etc. are produced in a data secure environment that can ensure production accuracy in match inserting and fulfillment.

Campaign Manager for Text/Email/Direct Mail

The Campaign Manager, is an easy-to-use, web based tool that gives you the ability to create and launch Text, Email or Direct Mail campaigns in minutes without ever having to make a phone call or engage internal resources. Create your own highly personalized message, upload your graphics and data file list, instantly view a proof, and submit a campaign in a minute or less with the ability to save your campaign to a personal library so that repeat communications can be done in seconds.

Get away from standard CRM software systems that are good at managing account activity but very limited in flexibility for email personalization with no solution for direct mail or texting. The Campaign Manager gives you total control of your client communications.

Creating a direct mail piece such as post cards, color flyers or personalized letters in personalized envelopes is easy and requires no expensive design software or learning curve. Upload your mailing list for address cleansing and postal bar coding for postage discounts. Obtain instant online proofs for your review and approval, eliminating all phone calls and back and forth email proofs.

Our Email Engagement Statistics (EES) allows you to fully track your emails. Of the people who opened your email, how many spent time reading it, how many skim read it, and how many glanced and then deleted it. Engage in 2-Way, Response Driven or Survey Driven Text Messaging while receiving Text Delivery Confirmation reporting along the way. In today’s smart phone world, there is no easier way to interact with your clients.

There is no investment in software, no long term contracts and no minimum monthly usage requirements. As it is a web based tool you can start using it tomorrow. There is no other service in the marketplace that provides all of these communication channels through one place and easy to use process. Contact us today if you would like to see a web demo.

Undeliverable Mail Management

Regardless of address cleansing, EVERY mailing has a percentage of addresses that are undeliverable. Instead of undeliverable mail being returned to you and/or your outlying locations, we set the return address as AIS. Instead of your staff having to handle trays/tubs of mail, we perform all the handling/scanning/keying, creating a simple data file that is sent to you for updating your client database. This process not only significantly saves you in people/time/resources, but provides you with important information in a timely manner to prevent sending out these bad addresses on future mailings. As this is all provided for less than the cost of a postage stamp, the service pays for itself.

eDelivery / Email Services

AIS can deliver your communications via Print & Mail and/or Email simultaneously from one single data file process, including our full service eBill and ePay. We can automatically track all bounce backs and unopened links and put them into a print queue for the very next print run, guaranteeing 100% delivery to your audience. We also have a self-serve web based portal that enables you to create, store, manage and launch eCampaigns instantly. Our Email Engagement Statistics (EES) allows you to fully track your emails. Of the people who opened your email, how many spent time reading it, how many skim read it, and how many glanced and then deleted it. Were they using a mobile device? Did they print or forward it? These statistics can be used to help you evaluate your success as you refine the many parts of your eCampaigns. Ask about our "Online eCampaign Manager" that provides you with an easy-to-use online desktop portal to do your own ad-hoc eMail campaigns to various market segments in a matter of minutes without having to call anyone.

eForms / eSignatures

With our already developed, robust and highly configurable ePlatform of services, AIS has the various engines in place to provide you with highly customizable and sophisticated eForm Solutions.  These solutions can involve anything from the presentation display and delivery of information / communications and can involve the collection, routing (automated workflow), approval, uploading to the client’s system, archiving for lookup and auditing purposes and custom management reporting.  As more and more of these actionable, routable eForms involve the need for sign off authorization or eSignatures, AIS can address this in a number of methods based on the level of security required.

eCatalog Store Front

Through a link or icon on your own web page, we can take on your look and provide a highly configurable, self-administered ordering solution for your internal / external clients for ordering on the shelf inventory items with complete inventory management, full color print on demand ("virtual" materials & kit ordering), stationary management, workflow solutions using e-forms

Print Materials

From printed marketing materials (brochures, folders, literature, kits, promotion items, plastic cards, etc.) to the production of universal print items used in the day-to-day operations of your business (forms, labels, stationary, etc.), we bring the strength of the "wholesale" side of the printing industry to your doorstep at some of the lowest costs possible. There is no custom or stock print item or packaging requirement that we cannot do for you. Let us help you reduce the costs of all your print materials without sacrificing quality.

Data Cleansing / Management Services (Five services AIS provides to improve data quality):

1. Correct & Standardize Addresses - Improve the deliverability of your mailings, earn postal discounts and ensure efficient postal processing by verifying and standardizing addresses and adding ZIP + 4 and postal codes with CASS processing.

2. Move Update of Your Mailing Lists - Your house file deteriorates approximately 15 percent annually because over 40 million American families, individuals, and businesses pick up and move each year. National Change of Address (NCOA) processing matches your list against a dataset of permanent change-of-address records filed with the USPS over the last 48 months.

3. Track Unregistered Movers – There are approximately 40% of movers that don't file a change-of-address with the USPS? We use multi-source change-of-address processing to find them, a database of 121 million change-of-address records from sources such as magazine publishers, banks and credit card companies, mail-order forms, and various other sources.

4. Eliminate Uninterested or Unavailable Recipients - Lower production and postage costs with suppression services. Cease mailing to the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) advertising mail opt-out list, deceased individuals, and people incarcerated in correctional facilities.

5. Undeliverable Mail Management - Regardless of address cleansing, every mailing has a percentage of undeliverable addresses. Instead of your staff having to handle trays or tubs of return mail, undeliverable mail is routed directly to our AIS Mail Handling Facility for scanning/keying, creating a simple data file that is sent back to you for updating your internal database. This process not only significantly saves you in people/time/resources, but provides you with important information in a timely manner to prevent future bad mailings. Thus, the service pays for itself.

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