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As an Information Management and Delivery organization, Automated Information Services, "AIS" focuses on providing your University/College with a total communication solution.

Our service will centralize and automate the efficient delivery of highly personalized communications - helping your organization to streamline multiple campus/department processes, reduce staff time, and significantly reduce your communication costs. Our goal is to provide your college/university with a single, cohesive, comprehensive student communication solution without you having to invest in hardware/software or further tax your IT resources.

Easy-to-implement applications for your college using our various Services & Communication Tools:

• Recruitment – List procurement of High School Seniors for Direct Mail, sending out Information Kits, sending out Online Surveys

• Admissions – Print & Mail Acceptance and Welcome Letters

• Financial Aid – eDelivery of Missing Information Communications and eForms

• Student Accounts – Tuition Bills (Print & Mail & eBill/ePay; Dunning/Collection Letters; Grace/Default Letters

• Scholarship – eApplications and Print & Mail of Award Letters and Scholarship Certificates

• Loan Default Communications – Utilizing a mix of communication channels (print/mail and email) along with changing up the copy and look of the piece and integrating in eForms for forbearance.

• Alumni – Print & Mail / eDelivery of Alumni Fund Raising Letters and Communications; eForm Surveys for testimonials, etc.

Below are just some of the unique services we provide to achieve this goal:

• Print & Mail – Regardless of software, we process mailings concurrently from multiple departments so that everyone within the organization can recognize production efficiencies and postage discounts. In addition, AIS has an Online Mailing Program that enables clients to create, manage, and launch direct mail campaigns in 5 simple steps, viewing and approving proofs instantly. AIS then combines similar mailings (post cards, standard letter mailings, flyer, etc.) into one print on demand production run guaranteeing postage savings for all.

• Mail Management Services – AIS provides turnkey solutions to print and mail. Through our Mail Management module, instead of undeliverable mail being returned to you and/or your outlying campus locations, we set the return address on outgoing mail as the AIS mail management facility. Undeliverable mail is then returned to us for mail handling, scanning/keying, and creating a data file of undeliverable addresses all for less than the cost of a postage stamp. This process not only significantly saves you in people/time/resources but provides you with important information in a timely manner to prevent future waste. We will send you a data file every day we receive undeliverable mail so you can update your records. By eliminating future undeliverable mail the service pays for itself.

• Email Services – We can deliver your communications via Print & Mail and/or Email simultaneously from one single process/data file, including full service eBill and ePay. We can automatically track all bounce backs and unopened links and put them into a print queue for the very next print run, guaranteeing 100% delivery to your audience. We also have a self-serve web based portal that enables you to create, store, manage and launch eCampaigns instantly. Our Email Engagement Statistics allows you to fully track your emails. Of the people who opened your email, how many spent time reading it, how many skim read it, and how many glanced and then deleted it. Were they using a mobile device? Did they print or forward it? These statistics can be used to help you evaluate your success as you refine the many parts of your email campaign.

• Online Access to Communications – Your communications can automatically be stored in our secure web-based DAL (Document Archive Library) allowing your campuses/students to search, view and print their own personalized communications in seconds

• eForms – The next generation of communications is eForms. Whether it is Enrollment Agreements or Hardship Forbearance Forms, AIS is poised to assist our clients in significantly streamlining processes and reducing costs. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution enables you to integrate this technology without having to purchase software or further tax your IT resources. Along with data validation to reduce errors, form specific workflow can automatically route completed documents to their final delivery destination saving your organization considerable staff time and money.

• "Touch Point" Student Communications – From Recruitment all the way through Alumni, you can maximize your Enrollment and Student Retention using enhanced highly personalized communications through our automated FTP process and/or from our self-administered web-based portal. You can send out timely notices of interest to your students (Professor bios, new starting salary statistics for their field of study, success stories from participating alumni, etc.) – all utilizing the latest in high speed digital color print technologies combined with eDelivery.
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