About Us
As a consulting organization with vast resources and the latest technologies, we have been highly successful streamlining internal processes and significantly reducing costs for our clients.

Automated Information Systems, Inc. (AIS) has been providing comprehensive services involving the delivery of highly personalized Client Information & Communications for a large number of clients from various industries like: Higher Education, Pharmaceutical, Membership Organizations, Associations, Utilities, etc., to name a few for a decade and a half now. We are doing things through one efficient data file process that no one else is doing today that can significantly reduce the cost of your ongoing "business critical" communications that you send out to your clients. As we have saved one of our clients over 7 figures 3 times in the past decade for just one of their departments, we know if you have significant ongoing communications that you send out regularly to your clients from just one department / location or from many, we can offer significant cost reduction to you in much the same manner. The best part - there is very little your organization has to do or investments you have to make (in time, capital, resource) to take advantage of the proven results we can deliver.

From centralized consolidation and automated delivery of highly personalized Client Communications from multi-delivery platforms (print & mail, eDelivery SMS Texting); to Automated Workflow eForms to collect, route and automatically upload client data; to eBill/ePayment, eSignatures and Archiving – we are positioned to address a "Total Communication Strategy" in whole or in ANY part to compliment your existing systems/platforms.

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