Automated Information Systems, Inc. "AIS" has been very successful in helping CRO's / SMO's and clinics across the country in significantly increasing patient traffic for clinical research.

We have found comprehensive, pinpoint direct mail marketing services to be the most effective, least costly method to patient recruiting. By utilizing quality, targeted data coupled with localized marketing techniques, our goal is to help CROs'/SMO's/Clinics obtain better response rates, meeting and exceeding enrollment requirements with less mail. Our service provides comprehensive "one stop" Project Management, requiring very little of the CROs'/SMO's/Clinic's time since the majority of the direct marketing project (from targeted list procurement to print & mail) falls squarely on our shoulders.

As your "resource" partner, listed below are just some of the services / technologies that we provide that your organization can utilize and benefit from by enhancing your own capabilities to your sponsors.

• Patient Recruiting Direct Mail / Project Management – One-stop "Comprehensive Project Management" to coordinate your mailing from start to finish (targeted lists, all print materials, letter shop & mailing services) using "wholesale" production costs - better than "retail" costs you get otherwise in the marketplace; Let us show you how we can help you lower your printing costs.

• Highly Targeted Ailment Lists for Direct Mail or eMail – All AIS ailment list counts come from reputable data sources that routinely cleanse and maintain ailment databases derived solely from current self-reported surveys (no computer modeling). These are people who have taken the time to fill out an ailment survey and have often times checked a box that they would like to have their household contacted for a future study.

• Delivery of Client Communications / Information – Utilizing already developed communication technologies in place, AIS can efficiently process and deliver all of our client's communications / information via Print & Mail, eMail, or Text Messaging - all through one communication process for our client.

• eCatalog Ordering Portal
– Through a link or icon on your own web page, we can take on your look and provide a highly configurable, self-administered ordering solution for your internal / external clients for the following:

  • - Order Study Materials / Kits Online: Pre-printed on-the-shelf Inventories or:

  • - Order "Virtual" Study Materials / Kits Online: Using our Web-to-Print interface your sites can order Study Materials / Kits via POD (Print-On-Demand) High Speed Digital Color Technology – These no inventory print items can be selected by your sites from stored drop down images where you control content, design, unit of issue, even shipping permissions for cost containment; Sites can personalize content, proof, and order on-demand for immediate print & ship service.

  • - Order Mailings Online: Our self-administered, cost effective online service allows you to upload design/copy and lists for online proofing and next day mailing: Recruiting letters, thank you letters, appointment reminder cards, informational personalized brochure mailings, etc.

• Global Premier Printer Network – By utilizing a strategically selected core group of Xerox Premier Partners this provides AIS with the flexibility to dynamically direct our client's print and distribution workload to facilities based upon geographic order volume where we can gain efficiencies, throughput and speed of delivery.

• eForm Library – Forms, Surveys, Questionnaires that can be filled out online, routed through a defined workflow process and archived for future needs. Information can be captured and stored in a database provided back to you in any format you need.

• Online Recruitment Manager – Our online CRM tool can be configured to help your Call Center instantly identify your call-in patient prospect for study enrollment; you can instantly track success with online "real-time" metrics reporting, communicate with, and better manage each patient throughout the Clinical Trial.
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