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As a Comprehensive Communications Company, Automated Information Systems "AIS" has been highly successful in helping organizations like yours enhance and significantly reduce the costs of your Membership Statements, Member Communications, Membership Application Management, Membership Cards, Kits/Packets, Direct Mail, etc. – both electronically and print/mail.

With our talents and our robust ePlatform of technology tools and services – we approach our clients on a fine line of addressing both cost reduction and improved efficiency while at the same time helping to enhance the membership experience (improved interactive member communications with improved data capture of member interest for various and more personalized response back communications, etc.) – which leads to higher interest, improved participation, and increased membership renewal.

In today's marketplace, information needs to be accessed, ordered, managed, professionally presented, and archived instantaneously. In support of this philosophy, we have created a robust, internet based system known as the IMC (Information Management Center). This client administered system improves your ability to manage both internal and external information while reducing costs. Through a single portal, information can be accessed, inventories can be managed, and communications can be distributed through comprehensive print and mail services and/or the Internet with the capability for complete automated workflow.

• Print Production & Fulfillment - Your various divisions, departments, locations, and customers can order materials and request informational kits through a web based eCatalog. When possible AIS will utilize the newest in full color digital technology to produce and ship on demand highly personalized materials eliminating the expense of managing, and obsolescence associated with, inventories.

• Print & Mail & Letter Consolidation - Significant cost savings can be achieved using our proven centralized mail consolidation program for all of your departments, regardless of the software systems used. Contrary to the direct mail industry that lacks the systems and processes in place for data security and production accuracy, we use the most sophisticated equipment and follow extremely stringent quality control standards when handling the production and fulfillment of your transactional communications.

• Return Mail Management Service: Through our Mail Management module, instead of undeliverable mail being returned to you and/or your outlying campus locations, we set the return address on outgoing mail as the AIS mail management facility. Undeliverable mail is then returned to us for mail handling, scanning/keying, and creating a data file of undeliverable addresses all for less than the cost of a postage stamp. This process not only significantly saves you in people/time/resources but provides you with important information in a timely manner to prevent future waste. We will send you a data file every day we receive undeliverable mail so you can update your records. By eliminating future undeliverable mail the service pays for itself.

• Skip Tracing Service: As a second comprehensive step to our Mail Management Service, AIS can automatically batch process your Return Mail Database against some of the latest and most robust/comprehensive Credit Bureau Consumer Data available in efforts to locate and return back to you any corrected addresses available.

• eCampaign Services - Your communications can be delivered via Print & Mail and/or Email "simultaneously" from one single process/data file for enhanced automation and efficiency. This allows you to transition away from the higher cost of print & mail, participating in the "Green Initiative" as your customers demand. Bounce backs and unopened links can be tracked and placed into a print queue for the very next print/mail run guaranteeing delivery to your client without you having to do anything.

• Email Engagement Statistics (EES) - Our EES system allows you to fully track your emails. Of the people who opened your email, how many spent time reading it, how many skim read it, and how many glanced and then deleted it. Were they using a mobile device? Did they print or forward it? These statistics can be used to help you evaluate your success as you refine the many parts of your email campaign.

• eBill & Payment Services - Your customers are sent to a secure Client Service Center. Once there, your customers and/or employees can then access their own personalized documents, update their personal information, complete and route E-Forms, pay bills, etc all through a single user friendly portal.

• eForm Workflow - eForms can be used to capture and route information through a designated workflow. Tracking and archiving is stored in the integrated Archive Library, retrievable by user defined indexes. This technology can help you easily and more efficiently collect cleaner and higher quality information for future communications. Data can then be transmitted to you for integration into your operational processes.

• Online Management Services - Data tables, logos, signatures, letter templates, and other corporate approved branding can all be managed by you online in a real time environment, giving you the highest level control available and eliminating the time and error associated with traditional manual processes.

• Marketing Services - Information is stored and organized in an information manager and leveraged for retention and expansion, cross selling products and services to your best customers. From list acquisition to direct mail to eCampaigns, AIS can provide comprehensive project management services.
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