Process Re-Engineering
By utilizing our experience, skills and technology while adopting our true "role" as your consultant working on your behalf, we not only can save you hard costs in products and services, but also significant soft cost savings through total process re-engineering.

As a total communications organization, we often help our clients eliminate physical inventories of print materials when it makes sense to and replace those inventories with stockless "virtual" inventories of image templates stored in our online libraries. These templates can be instantly accessed changed on-the-fly by our client with our editing permissions – and those templates can be used to produce print materials using the latest in high-speed digital color POD (Print-on-Demand) technology. These "virtual" print programs provide a higher level of speed, flexibility, personalization while also saving in throw away inventory obsolescence. We may also help eliminate an entire print & mail program to your clients that involves the higher costs of mailing out hand-written fillable forms, return mail, manual sorting/handling, data entry, etc. – and replacing this entire process with an eDelivery solution involving fillable, routable eForm technology in order to save in significant hard and soft costs.

Unlike a traditional printer with a one-dimensional focus on filling their print & mail equipment, AIS focuses on a more macro view that encompasses the Management and Delivery of Information / Communications. As Communication Architects we focus on how we can best streamline processes and significantly reduce costs for our clients, often times helping you transition away from the higher cost of traditional print & mail and postage to much more efficient methods of eDelivery of communications – addressing a "Total Communication Strategy". The best thing about our proposed process solutions, is that there is very little you have to do or investments you have to make (in time, capital, resource) to take advantage of the proven results we can deliver.
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